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Every Time – Any Job

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Process Technician, Plant Manager, Machine Operators, Warehouseman

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[icon icon=”img-3″ title=”Part Design – Pro E”][/icon]
[icon icon=”img-2″ title=”Integrated Resources”]We have the resources to help your product become a reality.[/icon]
[icon icon=”img-1″ title=”Design Support”]We are there to help you from the very beginning stages of design.[/icon]
[icon icon=”img-4″ title=”Material Recommendation”]We can help recommend materials that would best suite your design’s longevity and durability, while maintaining it’s functionality.[/icon]
[icon icon=”img-5″ title=”Custom Resin Blends”]We have sources to create custom resin blends to best suite your products needs.[/icon]
[icon icon=”img-6″ title=”Mold Construction”]We create all molds for your product in house so everything is completely accurate.[/icon]
[icon icon=”img-7″ title=”Robotics Assistance”][/icon]
[icon icon=”img-8″ title=”Global Sourcing”][/icon]
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